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Eminem returns in a big way, with a Trump takedown on BET

By now, I’m sure everybody including people from the past have somehow even heard Em’s recent BET Cypher where he goes at Trump the entire time.

Just to recap, here it is:

Almost everything Em does explodes into multiple headlines, but this is a big viral moment which we haven’t seen in quite a while, sparking all kinds of debate.

For a while (not sure now and can’t be bothered to check), this was #1 Trending on Twitter, I believe YouTube too (#2 currently), over 2 million people on Twitter have mentioned it – along with many celebs like Collin Kaepernick, Lebron James, Ellen Degeneres, Lord Jamar (hilarious) and on and on.

My feeling on this seems to match-up with most fans’ opinions and rap fans’ opinions in general – I like it for the anger, the passion, which is clearly authentic from Em and I love the fact of just doing this in general – given how big Em is and the fact he didn’t just use a few lines or a portion of his verse… he did the WHOLE THING, he used this like an opportunity to use his voice to (and for) power to speak what he perceives as an evil presence in the world. That’s commendable and it was cool to see.

From a purely rap perspective: it’s not bad. I was actually surprised by the detail went into with the issues he touched-on; many people have commented that ‘it’s nothing new’ etc. … but so what? What is Em supposed to do – invent new events that he can comment on? Lol. He’s commenting on the truth i.e. Trump’s hypocrisy of saying X then doing or saying Y, he’s speaking on facts, he can’t invent new facts – but the way he spoke on them was pretty on-point.

I’ve heard better phrasing from Em, in terms of the lines feeling more poetic and impactful, something felt a bit flat here… but maybe that was his intention, to make it more literal and head-on, as well as kind of using less flow, it’s more like spoken poetry even though he has little bursts here and there.

The most retarded thing I’m hearing fly around is that this is only viral because Em’s white. That’s just stupid. It’s viral because IT’S EMINEM aka he’s one of the most famous people on the planet. If Kanye West did this exact same thing – we would see a very similar reaction – celebrities tweeting in support and global headlines. Kanye gets global headlines if he whines about not being let into the fashion industry, so the fact people act like it’s about race and not fame and the fact Em is HUGEEEEEE and also a renowned lyricist and rebellion and the way he did it… that’s just disingenuous and in my opinion – bullshit. And just at fault for spreading more racially divisive thinking. We need to cut that shit out.

(Similarly if G-Eazy or Action Bronson did this… it would get almost no attention. Because almost nobody knows who the fuck they are. So it’s not about race, it’s about fame… plain and simple.)

Eminem BET Cypher 2017

Anyway, overall, I’m glad Em did this and his fury was truly felt. Favourite line/moment from this for me was the ‘immigrant moment’ where he does that accent and says ‘we gon build that thing up taller than this’, but I’ve noticed what almost everybody is kinda missing is how ballsy the opening is…

After the ‘coffee pot’ shit, he says “UNTIL I COME UP WITH A SOLID PLOT” and plot was censored due to implying an assassination attempt on the President; even to say it and imply it, knowing it would be censored is some ballsy shit, because it’s very obvious what he implies in that line, especially after being previously investigated in the Bush era, when he said he’d “rather see the president dead”. This is even more direct than that, this is Em personally implicating himself. Ballsy.

What was your thoughts?


Fuck You Em.

Seriously, what in the actual holy fuck are you doing right now?

The latest single from MMLP2, “The Monster” (featuring Rihanna) is beyond disappointing.

What is most harshly underwhelming – before I even get in to details – is how generic, and predictable this song sounds. This is supposed to be the next big pillar single from the sister album to his conceptual, artistic masterpiece, and this is what we get?

It’s not bad music. It’s just generic, and doesn’t seem to make any sense to be on MMLP2.

Em’s verses are fine, the beat and the hook are placid and catchy enough; part of the problem is how inoffensively catchy and hum-de-la poptart the feel of this music is. Which, in itself wouldn’t even be a huge issue if Em was truly going in that musical direction (and it was consistent throughout), but he’s not… he said he’s revisiting MMLP themes, this song doesn’t even make sense sonically.

This song already sounds absurd next to “Rap God”, they may as well be different albums. Or more appropriately, “The Monster” should be on Recovery where it belongs. It’s like Em figures out a hit formula and cannot help but carry it across, which he’s always done, but it’s so fucking blatant now.

– Airy, spacey slut hook.
– Simplistic introspective verses about nothing in particular but always the struggles of fame.
– Pop-rock-soft-tempo beat.

When attempting to come up with new songs for this project, new singles to rival and contrast his most acclaimed, daring, original, bold, thrilling, hilarious, subversive, unexpected and macabre masterpiece; where in Em’s brain did the thought surface “Hmm, well, I think getting Rihanna to sing another broad hook (her 456000th this week mind you) which could have been on any rap or pop album in the past 5 years… mixed with Recovery-style introspection and ‘overcoming my demons’, sticking to the ‘hit formula’ of 16 exact bars… yep, this seems to be the absolute best I can do”. Good one Em.

And seriously – to any fans who say this doesn’t sound like Recovery… what planet are you actually from.

What’s upsetting is that Em is willing to settle for generic choices now. And it’s also annoying as fuck how unambitious he seems to be now. I mean, he was the one who chose to ASK US to compare this album to MMLP, he fucking titled the album; where in his mind did he glance across the singles for the original and then glance these new ones and think “Yeah… they match-up / are better”, to not even attempt a single concept is so uninspiring. Where’s the dare, the thrill?

He could write songs like this in his sleep. But most of all – FUCK YOU EM for putting this flower power song anywhere near the album you rolled out of bed to decide to call The Marshall Mathers LP 2. This in no way revisits, mirrors or sounds like it is at all related to anything about MMLP, it makes no sense, it sounds like it’s a track lifted from B.o.B’s Strange Clouds with some cooler Recovery verses thrown over it. THIS is what we waited 3 and a half years for? Wow.

I have no doubt there will be genius tracks on the album, but I have now lost faith this can be a classic.


Eminem’s “Rap God” is Ridiculously Good.

 photo zcopy_zpsd4177e14.jpg

I’ve been waiting for Em to “WOO-W” me for a while again now. This sure as fuck did it, as it clearly did many others. I enjoy “Berzerk” and “Survival” (love the rapping in-fact) for what they are, but this

…is fucking unreal. I’m on about my 50th listen now so my jaw is back up off the ground at least, but I still can’t stop playing it. The amount of flow switch-ups, innovation, ideas ; the humour, Em’s naturalistic and conversational tones (despite incredible technical complexity) and so much more about this song make it his most addictive and exciting release in a long-time. Shit will make me not sleep doe.

There’s too much to analyze about this song for now, I’m finna fucking do it properly tomorrow fams.

For now: enjoy the fuck out of this masterclass in rapping like the rest of us.


Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Tracklist…

Finally. Here’s the tracklist for MMLP2.

Eminem's 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' Album Track List

My first impressions, unfortunately, are not good.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I’m disappointed from quite a few angles just on sight here.

Firstly – having Rihanna and Skylar Grey on MMLP2… really Em? It’s not the fact that they are pop stars (waits for someone to mention Dido) – as obviously Dido was on MMLP1, but that was an organic sample flip. And Dido was NOT a huge pop star, she became that because of “Stan”, so the move was not done for sales. Where as having Rihanna on the fucking album… it’s just so obvious.

MMLP was the anti-everything album: anti-censorship, anti-commercialism, anti-obvious… so if Em is going to create a sequel to that, shouldn’t it aim to be even less obvious, rather than settling for really mediocre artistic decisions which Em’s biggest detractors could guess with their eyes closed?

Secondly – these track titles look abysmal. They literally look like track titles fans have been guessing for the past two years +, “Legacy” (really!?). These kind of cute TV-friendly metaphor summations of themes about overcoming the odds, intended to be played over fucking sports montages are Recovery!

Finally – “Survival”. I don’t think I need to explain why on this one so much. Em’s rapping on this track is fantastic, and the production actually isn’t bad… but it’s soo generic and predictable. Again, this sounds like a Recovery leftover, it does not sound like a new era of Eminem let alone an era which is supposedly a sequel/improvement to his absolute masterpiece. The Marshall Mathers LP was not about overcoming any odds – Eminem was not a self-serious fighter of obstacles… he was a detached badass, there was no such thing as odds to overcome, he defined his own reality with his ingenious irony and storytelling. This new Eminem is much more lame.

Also, to put a track which since day one has been associated with a fucking video game, and to have COD footage in the video and still put it on MMLP2?… Wow.

1. Bad Guy
2. Parking Lot (Skit)
3. Rhyme or Reason
4. So Much Better
5. Survival
6. Legacy
7. Asshole (feat. Skylar Grey)
8. Berzerk
9. Rap God
10. Brainless
11. Stronger Than I Was
12. The Monster (feat. Rihanna)
13. So Far…
14. Love Game (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
15. Headlights (feat. Nate Ruess)
16. Evil Twin

On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to “Bad Guy”, but tracks like “Rhyme or Reason” sound like B-Grade rapper song titles. At the very least I’m glad that it appears he’s going to be tackling hip-hop themes, but I can just imagine “Headlights” being some stadium-filling attempt about the trappings of fame. That’s really fucking lame if that’s the case – I really fucking hope it’s not, because this kind of predictable conformism will tarnish the MMLP legacy.

I reaaaaaaaaaaallly hope that I’m reallllllllly wrong and that Em surprises the fuck out of me with mind-blowing concepts and a sound which is as consistent as fresh. I really really hope that’s the case and I think a lot of worried fans do too, but all the signs are pointing to something a lot less thrilling.

Only a few weeks until we find out…


Eminem’s “Survival” Music Video

Whilst this video is fairly cool, and Em’s actions look vintage Shady… it’s disappointing that this is an official album single, when the song has since day one been associated with COD – it’s too commercial a move for a sequel to MMLP. There’s even COD footage in the video, and the hook is so generic…

Other than that, Em’s rapping is superb; lots of energy, fantastic rhyming and lines, great flow. But the song still feels like a Recovery-era track. Feels as if this is the ‘perfected version’ of Recovery as apposed to anything new, let alone MMLP2. Disappointing. Your thoughts?

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