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Eminem’s “Survival” Music Video

Whilst this video is fairly cool, and Em’s actions look vintage Shady… it’s disappointing that this is an official album single, when the song has since day one been associated with COD – it’s too commercial a move for a sequel to MMLP. There’s even COD footage in the video, and the hook is so generic…

Other than that, Em’s rapping is superb; lots of energy, fantastic rhyming and lines, great flow. But the song still feels like a Recovery-era track. Feels as if this is the ‘perfected version’ of Recovery as apposed to anything new, let alone MMLP2. Disappointing. Your thoughts?

  1. carol says:

    Why you haters bitch all the time? Can’t appreciate ? Prolly bitch about ur underwear in a wad every morning…. No damn wonder he and other fames turn to alcohol in drugs…tryin to please all these haters!!! Keep up the awesome work Marshall. There is more acceptant people than haters!!
    Congrats on standing up and doing headlights..

  2. denzil says:

    Its really cool but I think he could have made a song of halie or his fans but he is tha best rapper alive

  3. i heard eminem sold his soul to the devil why

  4. i love eminem song survival but i wanna send a demo to shady aftermath records but dont know what to do any hints to do that

  5. Jacob Halverson says:

    Survival is not on mmlp2 its just the theme song for the upcoming game COD Ghost